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Maybe it’s just me. Or does anyone else find competition just exhausting?

I still love wins and a successful challenge, like seeing a piece of refinished furniture turn out better than hoped. And you better believe I’m giving myself high-fives and backflips are happening in my head when Jim likes a new meal I cook.

But I can allow that joy to be stolen when I measure my work against someone else’s accomplishments. One scroll through Pinterest or Facebook and, if my mind is not guarded against comparison, the joy I had from that cute little side table or yummy Italian dinner can quickly be diminished.

As I’ve gotten a little less young (oh, alright…older), I’ve also become more comfortable in my own skin. God has been patient and kind over the years, chiseling away and exposing the root of my desire to overachieve. I’m still such a work in progress in this area, but I like what he is doing (I could write volumes on this journey. Perhaps someday…).

But what I really want to share is about this FABULOUS little t-shirt that inspired this blog post. I found this while flipping through a $5 clearance rack of workout clothes.

Yes, I’m a runner. But that’s not the word that made this shirt just everything.

In a world where we strive to be noticed or validated for our successes, pushed to be high achievers and set goals that can frustrate our souls, I think “okay-est” may just be my new favorite word (and let’s just play along that it’s grammatically correct, y’all, because it makes me happy).

I’m not saying settling for average in all things life is a good idea. The Bible is clear about the value of excellence in the areas which mark our character, such as relationships, job, ministry areas. But I find scriptural evidence God meets us in those activities we do for the sheer joy they bring to our hearts.

For example….

I am the world’s okay-est pianist. While I won’t be invited to give a concert, God uses times I sit down to play worship music to calm anxiety and prepare my soul to hear from him. Something about putting together the good and bad notes is a picture of my life,  like a composition God is writing for his glory.

I am the world’s okay-est decorator. I mean, you won’t walk into my home aghast, but you aren’t whipping out your iPhone to post pics of my fabulous color choices and decor on Instagram, either. But entertaining is not about how things look ~ it’s about hospitality and a welcoming, Christ-like spirit. I am good with not being able to pull off a designer look, but I want to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere where laughter and deep conversations around a kitchen table are encouraging and give life.

And back to that t-shirt.

I am the world’s okay-est runner. Barely faster than a sloth trudging through molasses. But I have developed close friendships and opportunities to share Christ in a community I would have never imagined. Just last week at the Pensacola Marathon expo, I met a couple with whom I had a brief conversation about things of faith. I’m reminded of the quote by Eric Liddell, the British Olympic gold medalist whose life is chronicled in the movie Chariots of Fire: “When I run I feel God’s pleasure.” When we can say that about anything we do, we have experienced worship.

Friends, let’s serve the imperfect cake. Open the color-faded front doors. Hang our Painting-with-a-Twist masterpieces. Sing loudly, even if out of tune.

Take a chance on being exposed as the World’s Okay-est Something.

Because joy is not found in perfect, but in finding God in those small, unexpected moments of our imperfect pursuits.

(For further study, see Psalm 73:12, Romans 12:13).

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All That Remains

Posted By on Nov 8, 2017

Hello, sweet friends!

It’s been a year since my last post. For various reasons I took a break, but I’m so glad to be back to writing. It’s my passion, my lane. And I’ve missed connecting with you.

As a writer, sharing an authentic Christian life and being real is a must. So today I’m opening the pages of my journal and giving you a peek into some personal stuff.

My mom passed away just a few weeks ago, ushering in all the messiness of grief. Ours was a complicated relationship at times (but seriously, aren’t they all), but we always loved. Journaling has been a source of comfort, helping me sort through doubts and questions that come with loss. I wrote this entry two weeks ago, and honestly I’ve struggled with posting it. But the Holy Spirit keeps impressing me to share. Grief touches all, and perhaps something here will be of help. Whether you laugh or cry, I hope you are encouraged.

Hey Mom ~

Remember when I was little and asked countless questions about heaven? Like, if that mean woman (you know, the neighbor with the green apple trees) would get in. Or if my pet collie Rowdy would be there. Or if it ever snowed. Guess you know the answers now. I’m thinking, though, you just look at Jesus all the time and stuff of earth doesn’t even come to mind. I miss you more than I thought possible, but knowing in one breath you were there, healed and whole and free of this world, is everything.

Everything…in this life has changed now. This grief stuff is no joke. It is raw and random. I’m good at stuffing the feelings down and pretending to be stronger than I really am. You always knew that about me, though. So I’m pretty sure you have asked God to give me extra help these last few weeks. He sure has been gracious and comforting. But still, this process has been harder than I thought.

Thought…about so much. Journaling and sorting through pictures while listening to all your favorite Reba, Garth, and Waylon music has been good for my soul. The best memories? Goofy Christmas gifts and softball tournaments…and Jim’s favorite…that time you pulled a pistol out of nowhere and killed a copperhead in a single, long-range shot! Regrets have been stirred up too, but I refuse to let them take root. Not one single bit of that matters now. Never did, really. Forgiveness and grace are beautiful healers when allowed to do their work. You always understood that far better than I did. And now love is all that remains.

Remains…that word took on a new meaning after you died. You were always bigger than life, left people laughing and loved a good ending. So when your cremated remains rode out Hurricane Irma (only the strongest storm in Atlantic basin history) in a surge-prone funeral home in Fort Myers, I had to laugh and just pray for the best. You definitely saved the best exit for last and it mirrored your reality. Writing has helped me see how brave you were, facing down your own destructive storms with strength and determination throughout your life.

Life…thank you for this amazing gift you gave me. It’s such a good one, filled with laughter and love. Whatever years I have left on this earth, I want the many good parts of you to live through me and bring glory to God.

God…you are with him. You are home. Tonight I looked up at the starlit sky and wondered what you were doing. And as a song you loved says, I can only imagine.

(photo credit: Shari Thompson Ancelet)

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Light in Present Darkness

Posted By on Oct 2, 2017


“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” ~ John 16:33

I prefer to live in the bright, shiny places of this world. Days of beautiful sunsets, laughs with friends and endless pumpkin spice lattes. But today, it’s just not possible.

This morning my husband woke me to the news of another horrific tragedy, the Las Vegas shootings. Our nation is trying to process an unbelievably violent act that shook us to our cores. As we grieve deeply, we also question.

Why did God allow this tragedy to happen? 

Truth is, I don’t know. As a society we are likely to focus on contributing factors. Was the shooter mentally ill?  Were drugs or alcohol involved? Illegally obtained firearms? Each of these are important and must be explored. But the root is much deeper. 

We must call it. This is a broken, sin-cursed world.  And the act was satanic.

Pure evil.

I remember when I was a little girl, my father protected me from a dangerous snake. It hissed and threatened to strike, but with one powerful ax swing he cut off the head. Its body thrashed for what seemed like forever.  I ran crying, fearful it would come back to life. 

Daddy put his arms around me, explaining it was a violent response to being killed.  While it was reacting to its demise, its end was forever determined. 

Reminding me of another serpent’s head which was struck the death blow long before by the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

Genesis 3:15 recounts the root of spiritual warfare.  God cursed the serpent for introducing sin to his creation. But he had the redemptive plan already in place.  Christ the Messiah would come to break through the darkness of sin separating us from God. 

We still do battle on this earth.  But Jesus, through his shed blood to redeem us from sin, has won the eternal war.

It is why, in the darkest of days, we have hope. Hope revealed through Jesus. Hope which cannot be stolen or destroyed, despite the anger of the evil one and those who do his work.

Make no mistake: the massacre of our fellow Americans was a wicked lashing by satan. Yes, he still flails about violently to cause confusion, doubt, and destruction. But he is defeated. His destiny sealed.

Today there is immeasurable heartbreak and many questions, but we can be at peace knowing God has already answered. 

I look forward to the days of no bad news. No sorrow or loss. Days of living in the bright, shiny presence of God. In the warmth and comfort of Heaven. But until our last breaths, we have the work of sharing the healing work of Christ with a world desperate for him.


(This post is updated from a previous one in response to the Sandy Hook school shootings).

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Hi, my friends! Hope you have enjoyed a summer filled with sun, fun, and sweet memories. I’ve taken a few months away from writing,  but with college football and all things pumpkin right around the corner, I’m ready to settle into (almost) fall and excited to blog again.

So, in the spirit of the obligatory “What I Did This Summer” first day of school writing assignment,  I thought I’d write a report, too! The list is in no particular order, but then most of my life is like that so…

We are now these people.


Yep. That’s right. Jim and I are currently remodeling a home two houses down from us. Somehow we went from taking on a kitchen overhaul last winter to accelerating into Chip and Joanna Gaines wannabes in no time flat.  Jim’s parents are moving to Pensacola in late fall, so we are tearing out, ripping down, and pulling up stuff and having a blast getting their new home ready. So, if you see me out shopping and I’m covered in paint or dry wall dust, just smile and give me a pass.

There’s this book I’m reading…


Embracing Obscurity was written in 2012 by a well known author who chose to publish without recognition. I’m only through the first few chapters but it’s having a big influence on my thinking ABOUT influence. I have a new perspective on the servanthood of Christ and will forever view Philippians 2 in a new light. It’s the unnoticed, the unrecognized works for Christ that truly reveal my character. It’s shaking and breaking up my world, people.

Surprise! Let’s go to the Keys for the weekend!


Normally I like to be part of the planning (translation: control issues), but I trust my husband. And he totally pulled it off! The best seafood (and those key lime pies!), stunning sunsets, and a gorgeous morning drive from Key Largo to Key West. It was the most relaxing time I’ve had in ages.

I revisited my past….


Twenty years ago this month…well, it was tough. I was in the middle of significant health issues and hospitalizations. But I had no idea of the healing, physically and spiritually, that was coming, and how the Lord was going to use it to move Jim and me to Pensacola. Two weeks ago I walked to this spot in my former neighborhood and looked at my beloved West Virginia hills. It was the perfect place to thank him for years of goodness and restoration.

…and spent time with the future.

Mentoring young women has taken my spiritual life to an unexpected level, but not because I am that awesome. They are. God is using this next generation to teach me much about simplicity, perspective, being on mission 24/7, and what it means to be a follower of Christ in changing times. A fresh vision about future ministry is stirring inside me. I don’t know all the details yet ~ I will just wait on God to put it all together. But I’m excited.

So that pretty much sums up my summer. Thanks again for stopping by Hearts Unfold today. While I may not know your name, I am praying for your growth and encouragement. Looking forward to reconnecting in this journey together for Christ.

Enjoy your day!

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We’re Different…But For the Better

We’re Different…But For the Better

Posted By on Apr 13, 2016

A few days ago my husband Jim and I were texting about ordinary day stuff. We needed milk. Who would unlock the fence gate for the lawn service guy. Doctor appointment went well. So-and-so said to say hello.

His next text was about work. Two good things had happened before noon and another unexpected opportunity was coming his way. I sent him a thumbs-up emoji, set the phone down…and started to cry.

But these were happy tears of relief and thankfulness. In that moment I realized, we were having a normal conversation without the fear and worry.

And on the other side of the purifying fire God allowed in our marriage.


The details? Nothing scandalous and no vows broken. But we faced three years of attacks in almost every other area we felt secure. Months of seemingly silence from God about a particular need exhausted us. And ugly emotions, mostly mine, had to be confronted every day.

Through all the battle weary days and pushing back doubts and fears, we fought hard to see God in all of the mess. It wasn’t easy, yet we were determined to keep our marriage strong and protect it at all costs.

And looking back while those days are fresh in my mind, I am a quiet kind of grateful.

For a deeper prayer life. Not one just over meals or for safe travels. But for specifics beyond “bless the day”. And for a husband who started kneeling by my bedside to pray for me before my first cup of coffee. Brave man right there.

For a (more) minimal lifestyle. Fewer material items to clutter and manage. God chose to empty so we could see open spaces with room to dream.

For evening walk talks without iPhones and away from anything plugged in. Those sweet, uninterrupted times taught us much about communication and getting to the root of the daily struggle.

For a life disrupted, jolted out of a comfortable glide. We had it easy. The Lord allowed it to be hard. And now we are softened. Only God.

For what I once took for granted. The list is long. I want my appreciation to be longer.

For the unanswered. We’ve learned to trust the glimpses of God. Anything else would be too much for us to handle. The Lord has a timeline far different than ours and what He chooses to reveal, or not, is up to Him.

I saved this text from Jim. Part of another conversation about what God had taught us and to remind me of His faithfulness through the broken days and building us back stronger.

My husband’s words just struck me as perfect for us.image

And this verse is everything.

“For you, O God, have tested us; you have tried us as silver is tried. You brought us into the net; you laid a crushing burden on our backs; you let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water; yet you have brought us out to a place of abundance.”  ~ Psalm 66:10-12

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