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When Hearts Unfold was launched, I had a vision for women of all ages having a common place to be encouragers for one another. Iron of all backstories sharpening other iron and being spiritual cheerleaders when life gets tough. Because God’s girls need one another.

Today I want to introduce you to Because. Each month you will meet a woman here who has the same challenges and questions common to all of us. Some days soaring, other days stumbling. But pushing forward and pursuing God not with perfection, but passion.  So, after several months in the making, I introduce the first installment in the series.

Meet Pam Blum. She and her husband, David, are young marrieds growing in their faith.  Last fall she and I sat at breakfast discussing frustration of getting past life’s yucks.  We decided to take a 31 day journey together through Proverbs. It was such a thought provoking and fun experience for us.  And she sure did make me dig ~ no easy pat answers for this girl!  I was impressed with Pam’s willingness to let God search her heart in order to know Him more. I was so excited when she agreed to share what God had taught her and be the first contributor to Because.

Reading God’s Word on a daily basis can be hard. That is one of the many benefits of having an accountability partner.

For the last month, I have been reading a proverb a day with Beth. Each day we would read a proverb and then text each other the verse(s) that stood out to us. It has been a wonderful experience! Not only was I better at getting into the Word each day, but I learned something new from her insight into the verses. I also studied the proverb more in depth and found things that I might not have seen before.

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I had read the book of Proverbs before, but I had never really dissected them in this type of detail. Solomon repeats topics like wisdom and speech over and over throughout Proverbs, which drilled their importance, but it also made me stop and evaluate my day to day life in ways I had not done in a quite a while. There is something really special in knowing that someone else is waiting to hear what you have learned from a Scripture passage.

I have really enjoyed going through a book of the Bible this way. I looked forward to telling Beth how God had spoken to me through the passage, and I couldn’t wait to hear how He had spoken to her. I highly recommend this method of Bible reading and study to others.

In our busy and chaotic lives, we are not always able to meet with another person one on one, but we all send texts throughout the day. Let one of them be able how God spoke to you through His Word.


Consider asking a friend to take this month long journey with you.  You will be amazed at what you learn.

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