When Grace Finds You

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Hey there ~ so glad you stopped by today!

It’s been a quiet spring on Hearts Unfold. I haven’t blogged much because unexpected life events took priority. It’s been a time of stretched faith and asking the Lord to search me…really search deeply…to grow me beyond my comfort.  And He has. And still is. But it’s good because in frailty and weakness and sin revealed, I have come to depend on God more than ever.

Last Sunday, in our young marrieds connection group, we studied an Old Testament passage which foreshadowed the unmerited favor God promised through Jesus. Although I was familiar with the story, I was struck how grace extended has the power to change lives. 

Today I want to share what God is teaching me from 2 Samuel 9 (You can read the passage here). 


It’s a short chapter in King David’s life. Tucked between passages of his great fame for defeating 18,000 Edomites and his infamous sin with Bathsheba lies a touching story of unexpected grace.

Mephibosheth’s life was not easy.  Orphaned when his father Jonathan and grandfather Saul were killed in battle.  Crippled when his nurse dropped him while hurrying to save his life (2 Samuel 4:4). Dependent upon others to carry him everywhere. And, because it was customary for the new king to kill all relatives of the former ruler, what remained of Mephibosheth’s family hid in exile in a barren region. He grew up scared and defenseless, no doubt wondering if each day would be his last.

And years later, the day he feared came. Mephibosheth was found and summoned to the palace to meet powerful King David. He had every reason to believe his life was over.

But he didn’t know David was unlike other kings. And didn’t know of the promise David had made long ago to “not cut off kindness to the house of Jonathan forever” (1 Samuel 20:15). And didn’t know that, at his darkest, more fearful moment, Mephibosheth was about to receive a gift beyond what he could imagine.

The king had sought him out, but not to punish and destroy. It was time to fulfill the vow he made to this young, wounded man’s father.  When Mephibosheth fell on his face and bowed before him, the king offered kindness and grace. And the assurance a restored life was right in front of him (v 7).

There were no conditions upon this grace.  No “if you do this, then I will do that” kind of discussion. No stipulations. Acceptance and freedom came with this amazing no-strings-attached promise.

And, had David just spared Mephibosheth’s life, that would have been more than enough. Sadly, this crippled man saw himself as a dead dog (v 8), worthless and insignificant and underserving of anything David could give him.

The king didn’t stop with just saving his life. He gave him a new life.

Instead of living in poverty and shame, he would live in the palace.
Instead of living in constant fear, he would always be protected.
Instead of being shunned, he was welcomed to the king’s table, just like David’s sons. Mephibosheth was now an adopted child of the king.

But I wondered why, at the end of the story, we are reminded again that Mephibosheth “was lame in both feet” (v 13)?

For me, it takes this amazing kindness one step further. The king showed Mephibosheth unimaginable grace without regard to what he could gain or what benefit he would be to him. He purposely sought after this broken man just as he was. Searched and brought him out of hiding, defeated and scared and vulnerable, to a place of safety and hope.

As our King wants to do for us.

Because we are all crippled by something. Life circumstances. Physical pain. Rejection. Addiction. Anxiety. We may carry those things with us throughout this life, but they also are the very things God wants to pour his sustaining, chasing grace over.

He is coming after your heart.

And once that amazing grace catches you, life is never the same.


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