“Daddy, I’ve Met Someone”

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I was not an easy daughter to raise, strong willed and challenging authority early on. Constantly questioning why this, why that. Couldn’t sit still during story time and never…ever…was quiet. While other little girls were taking dance lessons and sleeping in pink canopy beds, I was skinning knees and breaking stuff.

But somehow, I could talk my dad out of (most) discipline with “I’m sorry, Daddy. You know I love you the most in the world.” His heart would break wide open every time.


As I grew up and began dating, Dad tried to be objective about the guys who came in and out of my life. Not that they were bad guys (well, most of them weren’t), but he always made me think.

“A guy who loves himself that much has no love left to give God or you.”
“You are in church more than him. Odds are that won’t change.”
“He’s a show off and trying to impress you. How does he treat you when he’s not buying you stuff?”
“If you settle for less in a husband, everything else in life will be less than it could have been.”

Nobody is perfect, I would argue, as that stubborn streak from childhood continued through the teenage years. There would be more than one fight and bad decision on my part.  But, as much as I hated being wrong, Dad always ended up being right.

I dated more through college, then career. Grown up and matured in my thinking, I knew what I wanted out of life. All those years of listening to Dad finally made a difference. I was strong, resolved to trust God to bring the right man into my life.

And God did. I just didn’t think I would gain one and lose the other.

Cancer. The diagnosis came out of nowhere for my dad, and for months he fought hard. Aggressive chemo and radiation were done, so one weekend I took a break from trips back home to care for him.

And it was that weekend, I met this guy. Tall, good looking, and wearing the coolest running shoes ever. He smiled. We talked. He asked me out. And somehow I knew he just might be “the one”.

Four days later Dad got the news. The cancer had spread to the liver and was quickly invading his lymphatic system. Three weeks to live.

Before I left to be with my family, I went on the first date with this new guy. And ugly cried the whole time. Most young men couldn’t have handled that much emotion. But at the end of the evening, he hugged me. Said he really liked me. And said when the time was right in weeks to come, we could do this again. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Life was soon a blur. Hospitals. Sleepless nights. Caregiving.  But Dad’s mind stayed sharp, allowing for one last gift of a conversation.

Just days before he died, I was sitting by his bedside. Holding his frail hand, I whispered, “Daddy, I’ve met someone. His name is Jim, and I think you would really like him.”

Dad looked up, tears in his tired, hollow eyes. He grinned and squeezed my hand.

“I know, Beth. I just know. It’s my last answered prayer on this earth. I have to go soon, but without ever meeting him, I know I am leaving you in good hands. God promised me that.”

And, so on a beautiful Easter Sunday morning, Dad’s eyes lit up as he lifted both arms toward heaven. One last deep breath and he was gone. And his little girl grieved hard. But in the months ahead, there was healing and hope and a future.

A future that guy in the cool running shoes walked into with me. Laughs some days. Tears on others. But that early grief strengthened, bonded us as a couple.


And through good and bad times, he’s now walked by my side for twenty-five years of marriage.

And I just know Dad and Jim would have been the best of friends.

(Rose in the wedding picture above was in memory of my dad)


  1. What a beautiful story of God’s love and provision! Beth, I am honored to know you, and privileged to have had your touch on my children’s lives. We love you ❤️

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    • Debby! Your family will always have a very special place in my heart! Sure would love to see you ~ maybe on a future trip back home. Let’s make that happen!

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  2. Brought me to tears! So good!

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    • Taylor ~ I am hoping to see more blog posts from you, too. You have many gifts, and writing is a powerful one. Love you!

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  3. Beth, you were so blessed to have your father pray for a husband for you. My dad passed away when I was a Junior in High School, but he and my mother had separated by the time I was in 4th grade. I was the one that prayed for just the right man to marry, one that would love me, be the father to our children that I so longed for and would be a man who loved God. Yes, He does answer prayers! This September Patton and I will be married 49 years and we trust God to allow us to see our 50th anniversary next year.

    Thank you for sharing your story. May God use you and your story to encourage others.

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    • Sue ~ great to hear from you and hope you are well. Thank you for the sweet comment and may God continue to bless you and Patton.

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  4. Beth,
    What a blessing it is to have a loving Father even for a time… Especially to know that he prayed for you and God honored his prayer. You will one day be with your healthy Dad, and a perfect Father. And you were right, Jim is a wonderful man. He most definitely was “the one”….

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    • Maria ~ you are so thoughtful and kind. Thank you for such a sweet response and may God continue to use you in so many lives!

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  5. We miss Bob, especially in church as we sit in the pew once occupied by Bob. We think of him and your mother, as well as Robbie and Georgia, often knowing someday we see them (Bob and Georgia) again. Bob was one very fine gentleman who we will never forget. Love you Beth.

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    • Sandy ~ what a lovely legacy to hear! I very much remember those seats! Love you too.

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  6. What precious memories. What perfect timing and sweet answered prayer. So sorry you lost your Dad like that. Didn’t realize we both lost our Dad the same year, mine in March. Wonderful to have the rose, precious, wish I thought of that. I just went down the aisle alone as a statement to myself, to Dad that no one could ever take his place. Silly maybe but it was meaningful for me holding him in my heart as I made my way down.

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    • Suzanne ~ that is not silly at all! That is is beauty of weddings. You are moving forward. I am sure your dad would be so proud of you if he could see the strong loving woman you have become!

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  7. Beautiful story ♡ Beth. Thank you for sharing this.

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    • Thank you, Sarah, for reading. I am glad it was a blessing to you!

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  8. Oh Beth . . . . I am in awe. Thank you for sharing such a sweet but difficult time. You are loved. Much.

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    • Stacey ~ your life could fill a book of God’s miracles in the midst of difficult times. And I would be the first to buy it and endorse! Love you my friend!

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